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Locked [News] A UN official criticizes the world's marginalization of the issue of human rights in North Korea


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The United Nations has expressed concerns about the marginalization of human rights in North Korea amid escalating military tensions.

James Heenan, the new director of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in South Korea, said Pyongyang had redirected resources "away from services to citizens to military purposes".




And the UN official continued, during an interview with the South Korean Yonhap News Agency, that "when there is a military event such as a ballistic missile or a test, the issue of human rights is marginalized and this makes it difficult for those who focus on human rights, including us, to keep this file on the table." The agenda because everyone is focused on peace and security, which is a very important issue."

He added that if North Korea conducts a nuclear test, it will greatly deepen the country's isolation, stop dialogue and reduce humanitarian support for those in need, while exacerbating political repression.

Heenan began his work in South Korea last October, where he held the position, which had been vacant for two years, and said he would focus on promoting public awareness of the human rights problem in North Korea.

The UN official welcomed the appointment of Seoul, the first envoy for human rights in North Korea in 5 years. Last June, Lee Shin-hwa, a professor of international relations at Korea University, was selected as an envoy.

He said his office would continue to explore opportunities to engage with North Korea, as he hoped to open a United Nations human rights office in Pyongyang in the future.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights opened in Seoul in June 2015 as part of global efforts to better monitor the human rights situation in North Korea and document relevant data and information.



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