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Locked [News] ar Cry 6 Lost Between Worlds Expansion Has Players Battling "Shardfaces" In A Wild World


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Ubisoft has released a new trailer for the upcoming Far Cry 6 expansion, Lost Between Worlds, which launches next week across console and PC.

Lost Between Worlds takes place in a "fractured" version of the game's setting, Yara, and it continues Dani Rojas' story. The Far Cry series is known for being over-the-top, and it looks like Lost Between Worlds will continue this trend.

"Following their exploration of a mysterious meteorite impact site, Dani will discover themselves in a twisted space between worlds accompanied by a noncorporeal lifeform named Fai. Players will need to repair Fai's broken spacecraft by collecting five lost shards, each increasing Dani's overall stats for survivability, bringing them one step closer to escape," reads a line from the expansion's description.

Lost Between Worlds features 15 trials, called "Rifts," in which they must take down enemies known as "Shardfaces." The Rifts have branching paths and platforming elements, along with a variety of weapons and gadgets to unlock. All gear unlocked in Lost Between Worlds can be taken back to the main Far Cry 6 game as well to help players gain an "ethereal edge," Ubisoft said.

Lost Between Worlds arrives on December 6 for $20 on its own. Players who own the Upgrade Pass will have access to the expansion as well.

In addition, Ubisoft announced thatcher a free trial for Far Cry 6 began today, November 29, across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This trial allows players to visit the Isla Santuario, and all progress from the trial will carry forward to the full game if players decide to buy it outright.

Finally, Ubisoft launched Title update 6 for Far Cry 6 today that added New Game+ mode, which gives players the ability to use endgame gear and weapons at the start for another playthrough. The update also adds a "Completionist Aid" feature that gives players guidance on how to solve the game's many mysteries.

Link: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/far-cry-6-lost-between-worlds-expansion-has-players-battling-shardfaces-in-a-wild-world/1100-6509557/

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