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Locked [Accepted] report Vengador


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  • ¤ Your name: AMX_1
  • ¤ Claimed Admin name: Vengador 
  • ¤ Date and time:11.29.2022
  • ¤ Reason of complaint: Reason for complaint: being a retry nemesis + I told him I would report him and he made fun of me. Then they banned me for no reason, (I ask that this administrator be suspended or removed for abuse)
  • ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo: https://postimg.cc/JG4N8fLg/a14a8c01
  • https://postimg.cc/6yy8Ytw9/f449a4a7
  • Good job 1
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  • ProToCrisP changed the title to [Accepted] report Vengador
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