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Locked [Rules & Model] Journalists Recruitment


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When you apply, your topic need to respect the following model, please complete all the questions.



Model for Journalist Request:

Link with your forum profile:
How much time do you spend on our channel ts every day?:
Where do you want to moderate? Check this topic:
How much time can you be active on the Journalists Channel?:
Link with your last request to join in our Team:
Last 5 topics that you made on our section:



You need to be active in our TS3 channel (Journalist Room).
Your request will need 5 topics at least.
Don't send message to ANY member of the Team about your request, you can lose your chances to be accepted.
You need to have a decent behaviour. We don't need unloyal / bad jokers / etc..
If you have warning points we will consider the reason for these (e.g Spamming / off-topic / post-hunt / double post & Excessive use of colors / smiles / font size & Opening a topic with a non suggestive title OR Using an abusive or inappropriate language & Disputes / discussion of subjects about warez (Piracy) & Posts with racist / pornographic content).
You need to know the community rules.
If your request has been rejected, you can make another one after 14 days (2 weeks). If you make a request within these days (14) your request will be rejected immediately!

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