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Locked [Politics] Amid a division among Democrats.. growing doubts about the octogenarian Biden's candidacy for a second term


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After leading the Democrats in one of the strongest midterm elections for the ruling party in the United States, US President Joe Biden faces growing doubts about his candidacy for a second term.

Doubts escalated after President Biden reached 80 years of age on November 20, making him the only president to lead the United States in the eighties, and raises more questions about the appropriate age ceiling for the President of the United States.


U.S. President Joe Biden celebrates the Americans with Disabilities Act at the White House in Washington


Senator and then former vice president, Biden was the oldest president of the United States when he took office on January 20, 2020, at the age of 78, while the former record holder, Republican Ronald Reagan, left office as president after two terms (1981-1989). At the age of 77 years.

And if Biden wins the 2024 elections, he will be 82 years old at the beginning of his second term, and 86 years old at the end of it.

Several polls show strong internal disagreements among Democrats over whether Biden should seek again to win the top office in the United States.

An opinion poll conducted by Quinnipiac University - on November 22 - indicates that only 51% of Democrats support Biden's candidacy for a second presidential term.

These results are consistent with a field survey conducted by the university itself last August, as the results showed that there were no real differences in attitudes after Biden led the Democrats to successfully defend the majority in the Senate, and prevent an overwhelming victory for the Republicans in the House of Representatives, or what has become known as " The red wave" in the midterm elections, which took place this November.

For its part, the White House confirmed that President Biden intends to run for office again, but the latter has not officially stated that he will do so.

Biden hinted in a press conference after the midterm elections that he would make an official announcement about his candidacy early next year.

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Robert - a Washington D.C. resident, just a block away from the White House, who declined to give his last name - believes that although Biden has done a "great job" in his first two years in office, he believes the time has come for a younger candidate.

Robert, 91, told Anadolu Agency, "I certainly agree with what Biden did, but I think it's time to put someone younger in this position."

Concerns about Biden's age were not spur of the moment, as they were regular fuel for Republican attacks on the president, including former President Donald Trump, who used Biden's mental and physical health as a political stick in his 2020 campaign.

After Biden won the 2020 elections, Republicans quickly increased their political attacks on the president, posting videos on social media showing him as if he was confused, stumbling in his footsteps, or slurring his words.

It is worth noting that President Biden has had problems with stuttering throughout his life, which explains his exposure to some problems while speaking.

And after reaching the age of 80, partisan political attacks against Biden will certainly escalate, especially in light of the Republicans' efforts to search for loopholes against the current president.

Unparalleled credit
In this regard, Elizabeth Frost - a resident of Washington - said that while "aging is a living issue", she believes that the decades spent by Biden in public service are an "incomparable asset" in the United States, especially at this time when There is great global uncertainty.

Forrest, who was sitting on Lafayette Lawn next to the White House, made it clear that she believes so much in the stability of governments, and believes that the current situation both globally and nationally is so important that having someone in that position with actual experience running things and keeping the ship sailing is important.

She added that Biden's candidacy is not the ideal scenario, but our world is not ideal either.

"I think that many media and many people looking for that perfect candidate is not really helpful," she said.

Not a deal breaker
And with the US presidential campaign season already underway, following Trump's official announcement last week of his candidacy for the 2024 elections, Democrats must now confront the question of whether preserving the continuity provided by a possible second term for Biden is worth it, or whether they must seek change.

Speaking to Anatolia, Mark Stanley, 54, a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, said he does not view Biden's age as a deal-breaker, but he believes that the Democrats will likely benefit from a new group of younger candidates.

It could go either way, Stanley said, but I think it's probably the younger group representing something that will probably excite the nation.



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