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Locked [Rules & Model] Reviews by Members


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  1. You can only post about your review for the game (otherwise the post will be immediately hidden).
  2. The title of the news must be like this. For example: [Zeus Review] Valorant
  3. Before making a post, check first if a post has already been published or your post will be hidden/deleted.
  4. You can only make one post every 24 hours. If you post 2 or more topics in a day, you will be punished with warning points according to the rules of the community.
  5. You must leave at least 5 lines in the post.
  6. The post must contain at least 1 photo of information, or it will be hidden.
  7. The topic cannot contain inappropriate images/scenes (sex, pornography, violence,+18).
  8. You can post a Youtube video that explains about the information you are talking about, if you want to give more details about it. (Not mandatory!)
  9. It's strictly forbidden that the video or game contains discrimination, racism or animal abuse (If your post contains that, it will be deleted immediately and you could be punished for it).
  10. It's forbidden to make post about piracy, or warez!
  11. The Moderators should review before approving a news item!
  12. The post after 24 hours, the Moderator of the forum must close it. (If he closes it before that, there will be consequences!)
  13. Put Link of the news that you got google mandatory, otherwise it will be hidden.
  14. It's forbidden to reply on member's topic with words like "great, good luck, good job, keep it up, hello, good news, etc".


  • Game Name :
  • Link to the game :
  • Your rating :
  • How long you've been playing :
  • Review (at least 3 lines) :
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