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[LifeStyle] The capital of the Seljuks.. Turkish Konya, the center of simplicity, tranquility and spirituality


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Konya- Konya is one of the most important Turkish cities that is distinguished by the spirit of simplicity in all aspects of daily life. The city located in the center of the south of the country is famous for its Sufi Islamic traditions and culture that encourage humility and asceticism. This spirit can be seen in the lifestyle of the city's residents, and in the cultural and social activities that are organized there.



بيوت قونيا وكالة الاناضول


Konya people are a role model when it comes to simple and humble living, and this shows in everything from local cuisine to culture and traditions. "Konya may have received its asceticism and simplicity from Mevlana Jalal al-Din Rumi and the dervishes. These values have a deep-rooted place in the city's history and culture," says Mevlut Zorlu, an Arabic language student at Necmettin Erbakan University in the city.

"Simplicity can be seen in many areas of life in Konya, for example, its traditional houses attract attention with their simple designs, and the materials used are chosen from natural and local sources," Zorlu explains, in his interview with Al Jazeera Net.

Konya houses are famous for being built with red bricks, which provide protection from heat during the summer and keep warmth during the winter, and there is a group of houses open to visitors as a museum to review house designs and ancient Turkish traditional customs.

historical landmarks
The city is dominated by the character of religiosity, which reflects different spiritualities in every corner of it, as it reveals a flood of historical secrets and takes the visitor about 10 centuries back, thanks to the historical landmarks, mosques, schools, colleges, khans, and ancient baths dating back to the era of the Seljuk and Ottoman states.

"There are old buildings in Konya that are very rich in culture... and their impact on education is positive," said Muhyiddin Mamadaminov, a doctoral student coming from Uzbekistan to study history at Selcuk University in Konya.

The city of Konya includes small traditional markets that sell handmade local products (the island)
Most of the historical buildings are characterized by simplicity, including the Jalal al-Din al-Rumi Mosque, which is one of the most famous religious tourist attractions in Konya, and is characterized by its simple construction that reflects the Sufi philosophy of simplicity and humility. The Aladdin Mosque, located on a hill in the city center, is one of the oldest and most important Seljuk monuments in it. It is characterized by a simple and elegant design that reflects the beauty of Islamic architecture and its rich heritage.

The tour guide, Bahadir Fidan, points out that there are historical buildings from the Seljuk era, such as the Enci Minari School, the Sergali School, and the Karatay School, all of which have been converted into museums.

Fidan told Al-Jazeera Net that the historical buildings in Konya are mystical in nature, and "tourists coming from outside Turkey, especially Muslims, are affected by the spiritual side. Foreign tourists are also affected by the philosophy of Mevlana, which centers around the human being, that is, whether you are a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, or Atheist...come."

Simple lifestyle
The city has a well-developed transportation network, and access to it is simple and easy. Egyptian content creator Mazen Dora told Al Jazeera Net, "When I visited Konya, I noticed that the movement in Konya is not as complicated as in Istanbul. You can memorize the roads and places quickly, meaning that the lines of movement in it are easy and simple. People love to help, and give advice to get you to the places you want to visit." .

He continues, "I consider Konya one of the most morally disciplined Turkish cities, and I advise every tourist looking for spirituality to visit it."

Uzbek student Muhyiddin Mamadaminov says, "There is a difference between Konya and the two cities of Samarkand. The food is different, as well as the clothes. But there are common points between them, such as language, religion and sect. I feel comfortable living here, the people of the city are very calm and polite, and I recommend international students to come to it, all Types of facilities are available to students in it.”

Handicrafts characterized by simplicity and high quality, which Konya (the island) is famous for
A delicious Ramadan table
The traditional food in Konya is characterized by its simplicity and delicious flavor, and this appears especially in the Ramadan table, as traditional foods and different types of soup are served, such as the okra soup that the city is famous for, in addition to rice, vegetables and local sweets. These dishes contain the basic ingredients available in the region.

"Konya cuisine is famous for its simple and delicious dishes, because the city's residents generally enjoy a simple and modest lifestyle, and you can see the reflections of these values in daily life," says Mevlut Zorlu.

The Ramadan table in Konya bears the spirit of giving and solidarity, as neighbors, relatives and friends are invited to eat together in an atmosphere of simplicity and friendliness. This table is an opportunity to get acquainted, communicate and exchange experiences and knowledge.

Traditional fashion with beautiful design
Konya is also famous for its traditional costumes, which are characterized by simplicity, calm colors and beautiful design. The look is completed with a veil that reflects the Islamic culture of the city.

Social activist Batool Arslan told Al-Jazeera Net, "We wear the veil because Konya is a religious city, and we love simplicity because it is one of the manifestations of faith, but it is not a requirement that everyone be like us."

And she added, "I am very happy living in Konya, there is no overcrowding, there is mutual respect between everyone, and volunteer initiatives spread here, all of which are very beautiful things and I hope they will last."

Ebro art
Konya is famous for its traditional handicrafts, including the art of Ibro (the island)
Traditional handcraft
Konya is also famous for traditional handicrafts, such as Turkish carpet making, hand embroidery, traditional sewing and pottery. These crafts are characterized by simplicity and high quality. The city includes small traditional markets that sell these local products.




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