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[News] Bodies found in Curacaví are part of the investigation for extortion kidnappings: Death date would be from 2022

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The three bodies that were found this afternoon on the side of Route 68, near Curacaví in the Metropolitan Region, correspond to foreigners.

And in two of them, both the North Central Criminal Analysis Prosecutor's Office and the PDI investigate whether they correspond to victims of kidnappings for extortion carried out in July and October of last year. What they agree is that the bodies were left there. In this investigation, the Central North Prosecutor's Office formalized 8 people for 5 kidnappings for extortion, who have been in preventive detention since November 17, 2022. It was formalized for the crimes of kidnapping with homicide, kidnapping for extortion, crime of the Control Law weapons, among others. Although preventive detention was ordered against the defendants in this case, the investigative proceedings continued given that the victims were not found in two of the kidnappings. And it is investigated that they are two of those found today. Now we are waiting for the corresponding scientific procedures to be carried out, to establish if they actually correspond to the victims of the investigated kidnappings. Sub-prefect Hassel Barrientos, head of the Anti-Kidnapping Bipe, explained that the findings were achieved thanks to "various tracking procedures carried out by detectives from the Metropolitan Bipe, in conjunction with the Canine Training Brigade." Likewise, he explained that at the moment they are trying to identify the third body found, since in the operation they expected to find only two victims. "It could correspond to a victim of the same criminal gang. Everything points to that because of the place where they were found, in the same position," he said. The kidnapping investigation "Operation Caracas" is called the investigation carried out by the Prosecutor's Office and PDI.




The name is based on the fact that the band is made up of Venezuelans. In it there are 17 detainees for the events that occurred both in the Metropolitan Region and in Valparaíso. In other kidnappings carried out by this band of Venezuelans, they demanded the payment of 10 million pesos for the release. The case of two who did not pay is known and it is being investigated if they are the ones found today. One of them could be the one kidnapped on July 15, 2022. That day, the victim goes to a home located in the Santiago commune. There he was intercepted by members of the organization, who proceeded to steal money from his bank accounts, losing connection with the victim around 10:42 p.m., ignoring to date the place where he remains deprived of his liberty. The other would be one whose footprint was lost on October 28, 2022. That day two victims left a party in the Santiago commune, Bellavista sector, being followed by the defendants to a clandestine location in the Estación Central commune. They were intercepted by members of this criminal organization and transferred against their will through different arteries of the city of Santiago to a place of captivity in the process of identification in the commune of Santiago. In that place, a defendant, identified as Eraglismar Brito, provides logistics and food delivery services to the victims on the instructions of the defendants. Two days later one was released, the other was kept in captivity for not paying the $100,000,000 requested. There, the defendant Wilken Rondón, nicknamed "El Caracas", along with others, shot the victim twice in the head, causing his death. Not satisfied with this, via WhatsApp they send the recording of the homicide to a relative of the victim, to demonstrate that the death threat previously established in the kidnapping was fulfilled as a result of non-payment of the ransom. Until today the body has not been found.




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