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Locked [News] SOREC's International Meeting: Preserving Morocco's Equestrian Heritage

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SOREC's International Meeting: Preserving Morocco's Equestrian Heritage



Rabat- Following a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Morocco's Royal Society of Horse Encouragement (SOREC) hosted the 8th edition of the Morocco International Meeting to commemorate the country’s equestrianism. The event was held on November 19-20 at the Casablanca-Anfa racetrack.

SOREC Managing Director Omar Skalli spoke to Morocco World News about the event. β€œThe first day of the Morocco International Meeting began today at the Casablanca racetrack under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI,” Skalli said.

Skalli explained, that there were eight races including King Mohammed VI’s Grand Prize of English thoroughbreds, and six races for Arabian thoroughbreds.

Expressing his satisfaction with the event, Skalli said, β€œSo far, seven races have taken place today. We are overjoyed, first and foremost for the safety of the players and jockeys, which is critical, but also for a beautiful organization, the presence of the public, and beautiful winning horses.”

SOREC’s managing director highlighted that the international meeting took place after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, stressing that this year’s event brought together foreign participants, horses, jockeys, and the general public.The Morocco International Meeting (MIM) is a celebration of equestrian sports and is held annually in November by the country's national equestrian organization.

MIM brings together national and foreign horses and their riders in an effort to enhance the significance of the annual meeting and support the global growth of the Moroccan racing industry.

Skalli explained, β€œThe influence of Moroccan races is a significant challenge for SOREC, which is working to position Morocco International Meeting on a global scale.” 

SOREC's main ambition is to shed light on Morocco’s horse-related heritage and contribute to the development of the sector as a lever for economic and social development.




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