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Time to revive gaming

New Forum Ranking System ( levels )


New Ranking System  

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  1. 1. How do you rate the new ranks (military ranks) on the forum?

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4 minutes ago, MehrezVM said:

Personally i don't like it , you could of found much better if u take the right time to search but i saw above that alot did like them so congratulations to you guys.

He didnt search for them, he created them from 0, so if you think that's a bit ugly, you can try to attract us with your design experience, so we* benefit from them πŸ™‚Β 

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1 hour ago, Cyrus. said:

Looks awesome, but i prefer them to be like the last ones, black & white with that effect thing, instead of rainbow (gradients).Β 

Can you make an example? i'm not sure what "effect thing"Β you mean

The colors are meant to resemble a group of ranks - like when you change the color you're in a higher group.

Also in order to match the other badges that display on the post this is the only way, for it to be colorful.

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