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Locked [Console Games] Yoshida: PS Plus Extra is designed to include the best PS Now games.


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Finally, we got information explaining why Sony is going to divide its Plus service into multiple categories. Where Shuhei Yoshida recently gave an interview in which he talked about a lot about this service, especially PS Plus Extra.


PS Plus Extra



MCV interviewed Shuhei Yoshida, one of the presidents of the PlayStation branch and a specialist in indie games. Where he explained Sony's mechanism for transferring the best PS Now games and transferring them to the PS Plus Extra category, specifically from other categories.

Sony wanted to transfer all the powerful games from the canceled PS Now service to the Extra tier of the Plus service. Where Yoshida mentioned that the number of games transferred from the canceled service to the aforementioned is approximately 100 titles, distributed between large AAA games and strong independent indie games. He continued:

When we switched from the old PS Plus to the new PS Plus, we looked at the full catalog of games that were included in PS Now, and didn't just move them into the Extra category. We even revisited the list and tried to create the “best” combination of high quality games, indie games and AAA games.

So I think more than 100 quality games are now available in the said category.

He also noted that the internal teams at PlayStation are always looking to add and update the pool of high-quality titles in question. This applies to the aforementioned category only.

In the past, Sony has been criticized by gamers for its Premium service. Where players found that the company had added classic games from the PS Now service to Premium without any modifications to the frame rate, for example. But in the end, the company responded to the players and made some changes to a certain group of added games.



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