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Locked AOTW | Rules & Rewards


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  1. The images sent will be placed in the specific topic and the votes are based on a reply by the AOTW Voters ONLY.

  2. The dimensions are 150x250

  3. The Watermark's obligatory on every image with the text AOTW. (CSOUTSTANDING / CSOS etc)

  4. Pornographic images are not allowed.

  5. Animated images (.gif) are allowed only if the organizer wants.

  6. The only file types we support are .png .jpeg .jpg .gif.

  7. The images sent will be placed on a topic with a poll so other members can vote.

  8. Participants are not allowed to vote themselves or vote for any work.

  9. Don't make fake votes for your work (start creating another CSOS profiles just to vote yourself, etc) or you will blacklist permanently 

  10. If we find you vote for yourself or you asked them to vote for you. you will get kicked from AOTW. and maybe you gonna added as blacklist

  11. The works can be voted by members with at least 40+ posts. (vote less than 40 post will cancelled)

  12. You cannot post your work anywhere until the event is finished.

  13. There must be at least 4 works so the organizer can start the event.

  14. Breaking the CSOS rules will allow you to get warned or most probably permanently banned.

  15. The images must be sent via PM (private message) on the forum to the organizer which is who will post the topic of aotw (If he has full PM's contact him via TS3)

  16. You cannot participant if you don't have activity at gfx section 

  17. If you've won an AOTW, you cannot participate in the next ones until your Premium reward expired. 




  • Mondays to Wednesdays: Registrations
  • Wednesday to Saturday: AOTW Voters will vote their favorite work
  • Sunday: Announce the winner




  • 1st Winner: Premium (15 days)
  • +Rep 1
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