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Locked [CSOS ROMANIA] - Model GFX Battles


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  1. When you open the topic, you need to have a target, someone you need to challenge.
  2. the opponent must say whether or not to accept the challenge.
  3. once the minimum number of votes for the design has been reached, the winner will be announced.
  4. Reproductions/pornography/racist/vulgar are not allowed.
  5. REQUIRED, images must have the watermark CSOS /csoutstanding// csoutstanding.ro.
  6. If you take part in one fight, you can't be in another at the same time. You have to wait until the end of the first battle.
  7. When you vote, you must argue in at least 2 words and explain why you chose that paper. example (effect v1) or (text v2).
  8. The accepted battles to which some of the challengers or challenged do not return with the work will be closed in 2 days.
  9. Subjects should only have the required title "[Battle] User X Vs User Y". ej: [Battle] @ Error 404  Vs @ Savage  Otherwise, the challenge will not be rejected, but a designer will have to edit the title.
  10. The deadline for accumulating the required number of votes is 2-1 maximum 3 days
  11. In regards to the Community Rules, any vote that is made without any argument as to why you choose this work will be    canceledand the user who posted it will be notified.


You are not allowed to vote if:


  • You do not have at least 40 posts.
  • You have no activity in this section.
  • You cannot vote correctly. (example: a blur on a C4D track or "sofi" text on a signature)
  • You don't know anything about Photoshop or any other editing software and you just want to vote for your friend.


These votes will be canceled and we may leave you on the Blacklist page. We want the perfect votes for the right job, so that the best can win.



The maximum number of votes in a battle will be 10-15.
You are free to fight with what you want. eg:  @ Savage  Vs @ Error 404 Vs @ Snickers  Vs @ Dark  Vs @ Cyrus. )
If you want to take part in any fight, you can write "I can join", the designers will edit your answer with "Accepted" or "Rejected" or send you a message with it.



  •  Opponent's Nickname :
  •  Place an image :
  •  Type of work :
  •  Text :
  •  Dimensions:
  •  How many total votes ?:
  •  Work time:
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