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[Mobile Games] Goose Goose Duck Tips: All Roles Explained And More


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Goose Goose Duck is an Among Us clone has seen a massive rise in popularity over the last month or so. Similar to InnerSloth's breakout hit, Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction game that tasks players with sussing out the impostor--which is, in this case, a duck in goose clothing--and has only recently gained popularity despite launching back in April 2021. Also like Among Us, Goose Goose Duck players can explore a space station setting, make use of vents to sneak about for nefarious purposes, and--if they don't pass the group's collective vibe check--get jettisoned into space. But on closer inspection, the reason for the fanfare quickly becomes clear: Goose Goose Duck has way more to offer than Among Us. Frankly, calling Goose Goose Duck an "Among Us clone" isn't just an oversimplification--it's an outright lie. While it's true that the overall gameplay mechanic is lifted right from the Among Us playbook, Goose Goose Duck isn't a cut-and-paste clone, it's an Impostor.

Though the game may appear familiar on the surface, there is far more to Goose Goose Duck than meets the eye, and the game boasts loads of content that's guaranteed to keep players entertained for a long time to come--a stark contrast to Among Us' relatively repetitive gameplay. From dozens and dozens of different roles to loads of colorful maps and unique modes, the developers of Goose Goose Duck took the Among Us formula and drastically improved upon it. But with so many modes and roles to play, it can be easy for first-timers to get a little confused (especially if they've never played Among Us, or other social deduction games like Town of Salem). For this reason, we've put together a beginner's guide to help new players get familiar with the game and learn how best to strategically manipulate--or eliminate--their fowl enemies.

The general gist of the game is familiar: You play as either a good guy (goose) or a bad guy (duck). (Yes, the terrifying sky demons known as geese are the good guys in this game.) Depending on which mode you play and which roles are enabled, there may be only a single duck, or a whole team of them. Other birds--including dodos and pelicans--may also be involved, but more on them in a moment. For now, all you need to know is if you're playing a goose, your goal is to identify the impostor duck (or ducks) by voting them out before they manage to kill you. As a duck, your goal is to murder as many geese as possible without getting caught, while also completing tasks on a checklist.

To win, ducks must eliminate all non-ducks until they no longer have the voting majority. This can be done both by straight-up murdering a goose during a round, or convincing your party to vote out an innocent goose between rounds. Ducks can also sabotage various items on each map. Some sabotages are just annoying, while others, called critical sabotages, require player intervention to be dealt with. If the countdown timer on a critical sabotage runs out, the ducks automatically win.

Geese can win by either completing every task on their task list before the ducks win, or by successfully voting out all non-geese before the ducks can kill and/or sabotage their way to a win. This must also be done before any neutral player manages to complete their objective. So, what's a neutral player? I'm so glad you asked. Roles

The world of GGD isn't as morally black-and-white as it may seem. There are several grey areas in the form of special roles players may be assigned at the start of a match (depending on the game mode and the choices of the player hosting the event). Some of these roles are neutral, while others are specific "good" and "evil" roles for ducks and geese.

Link: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/goose-goose-duck-tips-all-roles-explained-and-more/1100-6510644/

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