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Locked [Hardware] Retailer Discloses Failure Rates For Popular Hardware Over Four Years Worth of Tracking

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Retailer Discloses Failure Rates For Popular Hardware Over Four Years Worth of Tracking 1



Four-year-old Philippines retailer Hardware Sugar has divulged its returns during its initial years as a seller of computer components. It is a small shop in no way comparable to Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, and others, but it gives insight into some of the more recognizable brands being returned and the percentage rate of failure from its shelves.

Hardware Sugar displays failure rates of brands during their four years of business selling PC components
Not surprisingly, graphics cards are at the top of the failed components, with only two companies sold on their list — Gigabyte and MSI. The retailer sold 129 MSI graphics cards and 141 Gigabyte GPUs but saw a five percent failure rate for the latter manufacturer. MSI witnessed a failure rate of 1.5%, with only two returned over four years. Motherboards were also limited to MSI and Gigabyte, with 470 units sold and 388 for the latter and failure rates of 2.4% and 1.8%, respectively.

Other limited component sales were on RAM and NVME SSD, with TeamGroup in both spots and G.Skill in RAM sales, and Samsung in SSD sales. TeamGroup had the highest failure rate in both categories, with RAM failing at 1% and NVMe SSDs failing at 1.2% in the last four years. G.Skill RAM was close to TeamGroup's failure rate, reaching 0.66%. Samsung never had a return on SSDs over the previous four years with Hardware Sugar.

Power supplies and cooling products received the vastest amount of companies sold through Hardware Sugar, with PSUs offered by the retailer four brands and three brands for cooling supplies. In power supply failure rates, Seasonic came out at the most failed at 1.8%. The only manufacturer not to have a single failed unit through the Philippines retailer was DeepCool. However, only 46 units were sold, while the other manufacturers — Corsair, Cooler Master, and Seasonic — sold over 100 units over the last four years.

Cooling supplies had the most interesting numbers, with NZXT being the only manufacturer in the list, which also involved Corsair and DeepCool, to have any failed cooling supplies with a percentage of 4%.

The only missing information was when talking about motherboards from MSI and Gigabyte. It is unknown whether it was a single CPU-based brand (i.e., AMD or Intel), which leads one to wonder what company saw the most significant failure over that time.




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