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Locked [Console Games] Snow covers GTA Online With the start of Christmas events, many gifts are waiting for you


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GTA Online got a new weekly update today that brings western Christmas events with the recently released Los Santos Drug Wars content.

Players can now take advantage of many double rewards, new missions and challenges, as well as Christmas-themed items.

We will also see the return of the famous game mode Beast vs. Slasher Adversary Mode along with triple rewards of GTA$ and RP points.

Players can now earn double rewards by starting a new Acid Lab Business or participating in races. A new batch of vehicles has also arrived in showrooms that can be purchased. In this report, we will share with you everything you should know about the discounts and rewards that are offered in the game with this week's update.


GTA Online



GTA Online Christmas content
Snowman Collectibles
Gooch & Weazel Plaza Live Random Events
1- Christmas present

Candy sticks
Green reindeer beer hat
3x GTA$ & RP
Beast V Slasher Adv Mode
GTA$ Money Double RP Points
All races
Acid Lab Business
2- Simeon Showroom for luxury vehicles, Premium Deluxe

Ocelot Ardent
Vapid click
Ocelot Stromberg
Maxwell Vagrant
Pegasi Toros
3- New Test Track Vehicles tracks

Obermacht Revolter
Pegassi Infernus Classic
Declassify Drift Tampa
4- Time Trials events

Time Trial - Vinewood Hills
RC Time Trial - Little Seoul
HSW Time Trial - North Chumash
5- Free items available this week

Candy Cane's hand weapon
Green Reindeer Beer Hat
Fireworks launcher
20x fireworks rockets
25x grenades 25x grenades
full shield
Complete snacks
5 mines approx
10x Molotov
6- Unlockable items

The Gooch mask
WM 29 pistol
Greetings livery seasonal cover for the Mk2 Pistol
Discounts this week in GTA Online
Homing Launcher, $37,500
Proximity Mine for $500
Declasse Granger 3600LX ($966,000 - $724,500)
Pegassi Infernus Classic ($640,500)
Benefactor Schafter V12 Armored ($227,500)
Ocelot Stromberg ($2,229,745 - $1,676,500)
Obey Tailgater S ($1,046,500 - $784,875)
Declasse Drift Tampa ($696,500)
Pegassi Toros ($348,600)
Jobuilt Velum 5-Seater ($926,345 – $696,500)
Luxury Car Showroom
Annis 300R
Entity MT
Also, if you want to try your luck through the Lucky Wheel, there is a special Pfister Comet Safari vehicle waiting for you. As for the Car Meet’s Prize Ride reward for this week, it is the Pfister Comet S2 Cabrio, where you must occupy the first place in the LS Car Meet Races challenges for 5 consecutive days to obtain it.

Don't forget to also check out the new First Dose challenges and missions that became available in Los Santos Drug Wars' big winter update.



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