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Locked [Mobile Games] Poinpy Beginner Tips, Best Equipment, And Golden Seed Farming


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Poinpy is the latest game from Downwell creator, Ojiro Fumoto, and it was recently announced and released on Netflix’s mobile gaming platform. Similar to Downwell, Poinpy is an absolutely adorable yet challenging puzzle platformer. You control a tiny dinosaur to gather fruit combinations/recipes to feed a giant feline monster behind your literal tail.

Poinpy has a surprising amount of depth with different strategies, upgrades, and mechanics from the outset. Increasing Ranks adds more Equipment Slots, extra Jump Orbs, and Golden Seeds to use for unlocking new Equipment.

Check out our best tips and upgrades for Fumoto’s new game below.


To the left and right of the main room are the Equipment Room, and the Puzzle Room respectively. These can both be easily missed since the game encourages you to begin another round immediately each time you restart. The Equipment Room on the left allows you to play a capsule mini-game with Golden Seeds collected from lemons. The cost of the capsule machine (which unlocks new equipment) increases with each use.

Be sure to use the capsule machine any time you have enough Golden Seeds since they are not used for anything else. No need to hesitate in saving for anything else down the line, since Equipment is its only function.

Link: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/poinpy-beginner-tips-best-equipment-and-golden-seed-farming/1100-6504702/

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