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Locked Staff Recruiment - zewss [Solutioned]


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  • Nick: zewss
  •  Real name (Not mandatory to say it): Marius
  •  Age?: 19
  •  Where are you from?(country and city): Romania but i live in England
  •  Describe yourself (at least 30 words): Hello, my name is Marius, I'm 19 years old, I have brown hair and brown eyes, I'm tall and I'm sensitive, I'm fast and I like to eat and play games i like to joke.
  •  Note some of your qualities: I am pro at games 🙂
  •  Tell us some of your defects: i'm "fat"
  •  Had you before any kind of responsabilities(describe it): No
  •  Which Games you play? and for how long (per-day)?(each of them): CS:GO, Dota 2, CS 1.6
  •  On which category/categories have you been active lately?(describe your activity):  On "Free Time" . I make some posts but them must be approved by a moderator
  •  Which category/project you want to care off?: I don't know, either one
  •  How well you speak English?(and other languages): I speak fluent english. Another Language It's Arabic. I know arabic 30%
  •  Do you use TS3? Do you active on our server?: I use 
  •  Do you use Discord? Do you active on our server?: I use, i want to have an invite do discord server
  •  For how long can you be active after you get accepted?(days, weeks, months, years): Until the community closes
  • Why you prefer to be staff here?: What's the special thing here?: I like to be moderator here bcs i learn more of english language, and I've heard good reviews about the community
  •  Contact methods: TeamSpeak 3  Facebook  Whatsapp  Discord
  •  Last request link: I don't have one
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  • Administrators

Thank you for making request.

First of all, you need to join at least one project to make this request. Anyone can register in this community and make request, so what I'm trying to say is, without making activity or at least be in community for at least 1 week. Prove yourself that you deserve this Moderator rank and loyal.

Please join projects and come back, that's it for me.


Edited by Zeus
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Hello @ zewss ..


At First i must thank you for your interest to join staff members, I already checked your activity during the last period, Actually an amazing start from you ! but you was created posts without images also you must leave the posting source "Link" in ur post. to avoid Copyrights.


as zeus said, you must be in at least one project. we already have 4 projects

  1. Reviewers project
  2. Journalists project
  3. GFX Designers project
  4. Gamblers project  
  • You can start your activity in any two project and request for get the rank of them. then you can come back with a new request for recruitment !


Application rejected


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