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Locked [Sports] Algerian football.. Its appearance is the round witch, but its interior is the vanguard of the revolution


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If Algeria is mentioned, a million and a half martyrs jump to mind, and millions more wounded, exiled and displaced, and 132 years of injustice, oppression and sacrifices, and the Museum of Skulls appeared before our eyes in the capital of light, perfumes and freedom, Paris.

And like other peoples of the earth, the Algerians still love life, cling to the gifts of hope, they love football as others love it, and they dominate the green rectangle of their glories as the highest glory. We have the story of Algerian football.

The game of the occupier.. The passion of the round witch takes away the hearts
The French occupation of Algeria lasted for 132 years, and its most prominent policies were impoverishment, displacement, and monopolizing the markets. In return, it provided a comfortable life and luxury for the French and European settlers, whose number reached about one million settlers at the end of the 19th century. The main purpose is to eliminate the Algerian national identity.


The occupiers came with their cultures and associations, including sports and football, and these difficult circumstances did not prevent the Algerians from falling in love with football, so they started from an early stage to play that game, even if that practice did not take the form of regular football, but the 

story began at the end of the 19th century in the Algerian neighborhoods, and the indigenous people were following the example of the occupiers, and making their balls from simple things, and there was no competition, but rather it was just fun and entertainment. smooth, while the foreigners are on official, paved courts and regular leather balls.

The game expanded in the country and the establishment of Algerian clubs and the establishment of stadiums began in the early twentieth century. The game became famous in Algeria and North Africa, but the establishment of Algerian Muslim clubs was faced with obstacles set by the occupier, because he was afraid that Algerians would rally around it and produce symbols calling for liberation and independence.

Chlef Club.. An athletic struggle blessed by scholars and revolutionaries
The occupiers were trying to Frenchize all aspects of life in Algeria, including sports, and they were monopolizing the country's capabilities, depriving its indigenous people of everything, even innocent pleasure, and restricting them with places to play, and preventing them from obtaining the documents required to establish any gathering that unites the Algerian people.

But the Algerians did not give up, and they wanted to prove that Algeria belongs to its people, so a group of “Chlef” youth established the Chlef Association in 1947, and it was distinguished by its opposition to the occupation in its region, and its people were saturated with patriotism, so that the sheikhs of the Association of Muslim Scholars - including Ibn Badis and Al-Arabi Al-Tepsi - were They visit Chlef and meet its youth


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