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Locked [Console Games] Streamer Plays Two Copies Of Elden Ring At Once, One With Dance Pad


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Streamer and cosplayer MissMikkaa is known for her Elden Ring challenge runs, including beating Malenia with a dance pad, but her latest challenge has escalated things significantly. Recently, she's been playing two copies of Elden Ring at once, one with a dance pad, and one with a PS5 controller. Needless to say, progress has been difficult, but MissMikkaa has managed to beat a few of the game's early dungeons with the simultaneous setup, including the Stonedigger Troll boss. However, Margit appears to be an early roadblock for the run, as the lack of barriers on the edge of the stage makes rolling off of it a major hazard, perhaps even moreso than Margit himself. Based on her early attempts, it's definitely possible--but it might take a while to tackle.

MissMikkaa has played other games using a dance pad, including the recent God Of War: Ragnarok. She also tried a bit of Elden Ring PvP using the control method, which went slightly better than you might expect. In late October, streamer GinoMachino managed to beat all of Elden Ring's 165 bosses without getting hit a single time. Streamer Bushy has made a name for himself by inventing unconventional challenges to keep himself playing it, including beating the game while being hit by every attack, and another where he suffered from Scarlet Rot for the entire run.

Link: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/streamer-plays-two-copies-of-elden-ring-at-once-one-with-dance-pad/1100-6509951/

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