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Locked [Hardware] Razer Deathstalker v2 PRO review


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When we mention video game equipment, one of the first and largest names comes “Razer”, which is distinguished by its designs and products to create a distinct identity to be an inspiration in the world of video game equipment. Over time, Razer keyboards have evolved to include many control options and responsiveness with mechanical keys, and the Razer Deathstalker v2 PRO keyboard is the latest product from Razer.




Usually, there are those who tend to the silent side and have high quality at the same time with options that meet their needs to be available on the keyboard, where we will talk about the latest wireless keyboard that arrived to us from Razer Deathstalker v2 PRO, incorporating the latest technologies and features in a slim size.

This keyboard is designed in order to give lasting peace of mind as well as hands after prolonged use. With a lot of features for video games and multimedia. With a battery charging life of up to 40 hours. And the ability to activate macro settings through the keyboard itself

The keyboard provides three ways to connect it:
WIRELESS USING RAZER™ HYPERSPEED TECHNOLOGY WITH 2.4G/Hz COMMUNICATION TO USB PORT (An extender cord is provided to make it easier to bring the USB port closer to you.)
via bluetooth
With a Type C cable, which is used to charge the keyboard at the same time
Regardless of the limitations of the multimedia control buttons, one multi-use button is provided by pressing more than once if you want to use it more than just a button, such as pause and play, button shortcuts with the use of the fn button includes a lot of shortcuts and settings, whether for keyboard functions or throwing A look at the remaining battery charge before it runs out and a lot of hidden features that the booklet that comes with the product teaches us.




One of the most noticeable advantages is the soft sound of the buttons, which at the same time is very comfortable for fast typing and responsiveness.

Who is this product for?
There are those who play video games or other practices, but are interested in controlling the backlight or the sound of the button that is very low in its sound and comfortable in use at the same time, freedom of movement with wireless connection, and collecting all the features in a keyboard that is thin and simple in size, so this is one of the strongest aspects of the keyboard Razer Deathstalker v2 PRO

But if you are interested in the large number of buttons and options available physically, and you are not inclined to keyboard shortcuts via the fn button or wireless products, then this product will not meet your needs.




The price of the Razer Deathstalker v2 PRO is about $200 USD, but the shape of the product is distinct, and the performance and quality are very excellent inside this motherboard, while preserving the thickness of the product for ease of movement and use, as well as being wireless.




The keys are silent while typing, which makes it very good for working in places that require quietness, and comfortable with a high response at the same time.
The illumination of the keys is comfortable for the eye during use in a dark room.
Multiple pairing modes from Bluetooth, USB port and Type C wire.
The USB port pickup distance is short, which leads to unstable response to keyboard commands, so it automatically needs to be used.
The wire provided with the product, and then install it on the work table, so that the outlet piece is closer to you.
Review summary
Final rating - 8.3
Very good
A very comfortable keyboard with its quiet keys sound and lighting, with multiple ways to pair devices that make it suitable for video game enthusiasts or university students in the library to use in a place where disturbance is prevented without any worries. With its slim size, it makes it easy to carry around in a bag or on the go.



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