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Application TS3 - ExperT-


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Name: Ahmed Ali

NickName: ExperT-

Age & Country: 20 - Egypt

How can you help TS3?: through activity, help and guide all new members as i know in TS3 management system

Activity time ( Day ) : all the time

Did you read the regulation?: Of course i read it

Unique ID:R8a9Rq2IXz470sTZ5tuPZIAdibk=

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    Global Moderator OF CSOUTSTANDING.RO  






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  • Administrators

Actually your moderation & administration side not good in ts3 even in the forum, you are great at activity only that's what i saw, i'll give you a chance but keep in your mind you want to improve you administraton side and help people to promote to teamspeak administrator.


admin copy.gif


If you want to be part of the GFX team, you can apply here: Click here

If you want to be part of the Journalists team, you can apply here: Click here

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  • Global Moderators

You have a good activity forum, ts3. Good Luck



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 f5ebT79.png[Co-Leader -  Reviewers] - f5ebT79.png [Member - f5ebT79.png Journalists]★ ★ ★


To be Continue...

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